So, why did I name this blog The Particular Traveler?  Well, in part, the title describes me. I AM a particular traveler (read: detailed, thorough, fussy).  This doesn't mean that I only travel to luxury resorts and five-star hotels. In fact, I've spent nights in all kinds of places while on vacation: in tents, in the car on a long road trip, in a tepee, on a houseboat, in an RV, at a home stay, in hostels, condos, budget motels, chain hotels, and yes, the occasional luxury resort and five-star hotel.  To me, being a particular traveler means taking pleasure in all the small bits of taking a trip, from researching and planning to discovering great little off-the-beaten-path places to eat and things to do when I reach my destination.  I am also quite particular about cleanliness, and very much appreciate great customer service wherever I choose to stay.

I created this site to share my globe-trotting passion and ideas with other Particular Travelers, and it is my hope to engage with you in exploring and appreciating the world!

The views expressed on this site are based on my own opinions and subjective experiences.  I understand that your experiences my differ from mine, and I encourage you to seek out other opinions and reviews to inform your travel-related decisions.  All comments on this site are the opinion and  sole responsibility of the commenter. I welcome your feedback.