Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Ode to the Victoria, BC Harbour

During my "spontaneous" visit to the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I could not stop photographing its beautiful harbour.  Seriously, I have hundreds of photos of it from various angles!

From my very first walk around the harbour after disembarking our ferry, I was smitten.  To me, the harbour felt like the heart of Victoria, and it drew me to it time after time, day after day, until it became a good friend.  Come take a photo tour with me!

We arrived aboard the Victoria Clipper originating from Seattle.  It was a pleasant ride...

But I really wish we had taken a seaplane instead!

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I was captivated by the Parliament Building:

We learned that the copper domes on top of the building have turned green due to oxidation.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Incidentally, the Statue of Liberty is green for the same reason!

This cute little ferry was available for tours of the harbour:

Notice the green domes on the Empress Hotel?  We saw this beautiful green copper patina all around Victoria.

Have you ever cried when you left a particularly special destination?  I did when we sailed away from Victoria!

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